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  3. Hou la la, je sens que cette question de « l’équilibre inévitable » (je n’avais jamais de ma vie imaginé cet état) est une question de première importance. Ne faisons nous finalement que retarder l’inéluctable ? Et, en termes plus crus, ne menons-nous pas des combats d’arrière garde ?

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  6. Geoffrey Willis Author | Stace, this is not a “nit-pick.” What you call “voter suppression” I call taking action to make sure that corpses, infants and non citizens not vote. Why is the DNC so hell bound on trying to make voting the only unregulated unaccountable action in this country. You have to have a license to catch a fish but you don’t have to have anything to vote? Does that really make sense to you? It doesn’t make sense to me.

  7. Noryb Srebmahc / lol ok ok ok… something more G rated… if u have a 9 volt… and ur dumb ass keeps puttin gur tongue on the battery head and u dont understand why u keep getting shocked… maybe u should find a new way of testing batteries… lol … if u dont want ur car vandalized then maybe u should find a new way of voicing ur political opinion to keep brain dead people from acting out on u based off a sticker on ur car lol

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  9. I just got cold chills reading that post.. seriously. we're going in a few weeks for our one year anniversary, and i've never been. everytime i start to research all the things i want to see, my head starts spinning, i get so excited. hope you have an amazing trip!

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  12. Jim Math­e­son is a Demo­c­rat in name only.  He votes against Obama every chance he gets.  I think he runs as a Demo­c­rat only because that gives him a place on the ticket with­out hav­ing to com­pete against sev­eral Repubs at the State Con­ven­tion level.

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  14. Yes! Setting yourself free from your past and your pain, treating yourself with tremendous love and care, living in the present and nodding to life, looking up and around while having a “thank you” in your heart for being who you are , where you are, letting yourself link to all and everybody and taming your shadows.Put a smile on for life is beautiful!

  15. “Watching Kristina and Alex make out wouldn’t be gross the way watching other people make out is. It would be cute and heartwarming like the end of a movie.”Oh, like how that one picture of them that jerry took wasn’t annoying or gross, but pleasing?I just realized that that sounds creepy. =/ *stares*

  16. Vil du ikke lave et post med den kommende sæson, af hvad du regner med at efteråret og vinteren modemæssigt bliver præget af, og nogle eksempler på hvad du ønsker at erhverve dig i den kommende sæson? Det er selvfølgelig kun et forslag. Jeg elsker din stil og din blog!

  17. LOL oh Bob we're so much alike! I'm sitting here looking at a big box of corks from the last year and a half (that i'd saved for the same reason) thinking what a moron i was. There ARE however, at least a dozen that i wrote on to help myself remember…Want the rest?Hope you're well! still my favorite…

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  19. Unfortunately, this attitude can be true toward adults, as well. When I was researching my stalking book, I came across several cases of men being stalked by erotomanic women who delusionally believed they were in relationships with their victims. When the men reported the stalking, their friends, even the police in some instances asked, “What’s the problem?” ie how could they feel threatened by women. Unbelievably, these men were even told by some that they should “take advantage” of the situation.

  20. This blog is as balanced as Paul Revere was. Hey, I’ll tell you something, though. I used to run 415 Records, the label that put out all the Translator records (Steve Barton’s band) and there was another band on the label, The Uptones, which was led by Eric Dunwoody!

  21. RafaEstaba claro que aquello había que pagarlo, tarde o temprano y ya lo han hecho aunque queda la duda, si este no es el enésimo pago.Lo que sorprende es el apoyo de PSOE a esta cacicada. Si es un ero deberían disculparse.Salud, República y Socialismo

  22. yey! my 1st comment. nice to see you here elle! i’m so glad you like the banner. it felt kind of right to me too. and i made everything lego big so it looks nice on iPhones etc too. making the swan the s is definitely something i will do some day, i’ve tried it but couldn’t get it right. nice to see you!

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  25. zakeufortuna / nao tem dia marcado e nem hora , Deus é quem sabe o dia e a hora de levar o seu povo .pode ser depois como pode ser agora , prepara-te jesus estar voltando , sei que muitas das vezes ja ouvimos isso ,portanto , é real e um dia ele voltara .

  26. Why all of a sudden when the nation is sitting on the bottom of the barrel, the American people are angry. All of a sudden this has happened after decades of wasteful spending, plans like a bridge to now where, 2 wars, creed and Wall Street and bankers who creedy hands self theirselves, economy moving out of the country and a debt of 13 trillion and counting…need to say more. Boy, are we short-sighted.

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  32. I am having an ongoing correspondence with my non representative in the House regarding Islam. He has just been sent the first section of your Friday round up today about the Marines. Credit and link given.Thank you, Daniel. I'll be back to read the rest later. I have to take some time to cool off, and calm down. It is incomprehensible to me that we are actually "negotiating" with those monsters in Afghanistan.

  33. Oh wow!! I thought you went to the nail salon and had these done! You do an amazing job!! I get my nails done every two weeks and haven't had my real nails since way before having Kinsley. I'm the same as you when it comes to biting my nails. Plus I don't feel girly at all if I don't have my nails done!Thanks for sharing! XO

  34. Babalas : « La liberté, c’est aussi la liberté de choisir sa servitude, et on a pas à vouloir l’interdire… » t’as raison léon (un pape ?)Pourquoi se préoccuper des femmes battues à l’insu de leur plein gré ?

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  36. RE: – BS. Pegasus was wrong on the argument about looking at the non-distressed median. It serves a few useful purposes, and is not cherry picking as he claimed. Even Tim is now running a regular series on the non-distressed median.Because Pegasus couldn’t win that argument he change the topic to government influenced low rates affecting prices. That is something I agree with, and rather obvious, but not relevant at all to the issue of looking at the non-distressed median. – Rate this comment: 0  0

  37. You forgot that Congressman from Virginia Beach that was outed a year or two ago, who was buddies with Pat Robertson. He left office, too. And then there’s California’s congressman David Dreier, who is largely responsible for making Arnold Schwarzeneggar their governor. Dreier was outed a few years ago yet the media in California has refused to print a word about it.

  38. Hi :)J'ai lu ton article sur bglh – je voulais simplement te dire qu'il y a apparemment un nouveau salon pour cheveux naturels qui ouvre à la mi-décembre a Chatelet qui s'appelle Nayenka. Les filles m'ont qu'elles auront des produits 100% naturels et l'une des deux avec elle-même les cheveux naturels. Autrement, je ne savais pas pour la gamme "Yes to" à Séphora, j'y cours :)babyteks

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  40. “Even if someone meant to offend you…” This is the hardest part for me, and the part I’m still working to live out, is the realization that — even if someone is wrong, it’s not my job to convince them of their wrongdoing. In fact, if I try to do that, I’m just stooping to their level. Humility is hard.

  41. love abbey lee! shes repping the fellow aussies!!awesome photos! i actually met you the other day outside the Burberry show! it was awesome to meet you in real life haha, i just put a picture of us up on my blog if you want to check it :)www.thelittlesthings.com

  42. Jeg er så glad i disse innleggene dine fra farfar huset! Så vakkert!Ble også veldig nysgjerrig på hva slags maling du brukte på de mørkebrune veggene.. Har mørkebrune tømmervegger på hytta som nok er satt inn med noe lignende som du beskriver så det hadde vært veldig kjekt med noen tips:)klem fra Laila

  43. I agree, some of these sales just don’t make sense. If flippa is really innocent, they should do what other big auction houses do, they should broker the sale, ask for cc and large deposit and maybe copy of ID before allowing bidding above a certain amount. This should clear out all fake bids. But why would they do it, big headlines makes them more popular.

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  47. Scotland invaded after England declares all out war. no country can leave the Union while it has Oil and gas.joking aside of course your correct America has the bit between it’s teeth and the Military see everyone now as being against it. Blair will be sitting here saying we have to go and help because well I could make some more money.

  48. n/a,I’m sorry but you’re confused. The ‘adjustment for age’ in Table 3 is the breakdown of the data into three age groups. This point is explained in the Statistical Analysis section:”We evaluated racial/ethnic differences in the hormones and SHBG (a) overall after adjusting for age and (b) within three agecategories reflecting hypothesized hormonal transitions through life: early adulthood (20-44 years old), mid-adulthood (45-69 years old), and late adulthood (70+ years old).”

  49. Totally random comment, but at the top you mentioned “seven” things to do right now, and then you only listed six, unless I missed one or read wrong.   Are you keeping one to yourself for it’s own super-duper post?

  50. No book or website can give you hands on experience! That’s what you really need if you want to be a vet. Contact your local animal shelter or veterinarian’s office to find out if you can volunteer. Working everyday with animals and trained professionals will give you more experience than reading a few lines from a book. If you still want to read up ask the local Vet if he/she can recommend any books or articles to you. Chances are they have several on their own bookshelves.

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  53. Excellent article. You written many Hyderabadi people’s mind .Funny thing here is , no one objects for Telanagana , except high command (?)but no one is thinking about what happens after getting Telganana?Will all these Telangana protesters can come out and vote for a good party/leader?Again some useless MLA/MPs will be elected.We have to fight for correcting our society from poverty , corruption and political leaders capability.

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  55. God jul til deg ogsÃ¥ vennen. HÃ¥per den har vært god.Her har det blitt jobbing og kos med familien mellom jobbing….sliten har jeg vært men det er sÃ¥nt som gÃ¥r over. Sene netter med gode filmer eller lange samtaler….sÃ¥nn som det skal være.Ha en fin romjulstid.Klem fra meg

  56. "ingeri cazuti, vrajitori si dragoni", hmm… nu am mai vazut/citit o asemenea combinatie sau poate nu imi aduc eu aminte, dar suna bine. Si imi place si personajul Sam, care este tipicul personaj masculin ce ascunde in spate un trecut plin de tragedii.


  58. Ha! I was imagining status updates like…“Chad is still sleeping on my couch!”or “Chad is still brewing trouble at Starbucks!”or“I tricked Chad today when he wanted a drink of my tea! I pretended to pour some of mine into his sippy cup and he drank it like he owned it!”

  59. I had the pleasure of running into a 1973 Triumph TR6 while riding my 1979 Triumph Bonneville Special one day. Had to stop and chat, turns out the lady had owned the car since she was 16, and just a few years back her husband had paid to have it restored. Before I left I had to park my bike nose to front bumper and take a picture. Pretty cool. . .

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  62. That estimable contributor to the Google Docs forum, Ahab, solved the 'public template' problem for me. Search the forum for 'project management in google docs' to find his solution. It's in the spreadsheets, tips & tricks section. I have since added that template using the 'submit a template' option, so that one should be covered, but Ahab's solution could work very well in that you can email a link to interested parties.

  63. Couldn’t disagree with you more politically, I’m guessing… but I’m happy we disagree with our pens! That we both agree is a wonderful thing. My poem is not political – usually never are. I thank you for hosting and I love dVerse!

  64. The vendors and their partner hospitals have gone to extremes to cover up the adverse events from shoddy products. It is no surprise that two studies from Harvard, Doctor Blumenthal's medical training and professional programs, have shown that the politicians' dreams of HIT as panaceas are indeed dreams, nothing more.The question remains as to whether crimes of deception of a US lawmaker and fraud have been committed.

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  71. I think it’s funny that this is a “Mormon” myth, yet the scripture sited here is from the New Testament. If all Christians hold true to the teaching of Christ and the Bible, this should be an easy enough concept for them to grasp. That is if they actually studied the scriptures instead of glancing and finding what are considered “myths” which is scripture taken out of context. +1Was this answer helpful?

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  79. How about taking the show to KBEM? Could even have remote hook up to Jim Ed’s work shop with “Bubby and the band saw”etc. Would gladly pay for podcast download of weekly skit, but really would like to hear live voice during morning drive. Cap’n Billy could learn to do traffic updates!

  80. Manchester2 Michael Reagan has yet to write a balanced piece. Criticizing President-elect Obama for silence seems petty. The man has yet to spend a single day in the “Big Chair.” Reagan looks to be as partisan as Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh. Any chance TMV can find a right-of-center columnist who can at least occasionally concede a point to the other side?

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  83. MandreThanks for your words, if Sami’s father where Mexican, American, Chinese, or whatever ethnic i will not be in this blog, i do know that there is a lot of “men” doing this but unfortunately Sam’s father is from Saudia that’s why after a year of waiting i decided to opened my mouth and tell what happened. May Allah bless you

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  147. I stumbled across your watching Firefly at the end of last week and have spent this week rewatching all the episodes (haven't seen them in a couple of years). Forgot just how much I loved this show. I'll be watching the film tomorrow night though, as I'll be working on Saturday. Just wanted to say I love your blog.

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  232. You're right, of course. I recently told someone that I don't cry over elections because I believe that "the Lord works all things together for good to those who love Him and serve according to His purpose." On Tuesday we will go on no matter who wins. But I hate to think of the increased killing of little ones in the womb and the absolute commitment to Planned Parenthood under Obama and the increased persecution of people of faith.

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  234. Kelly,Like some of the comments before mine. I was totally moved by your story of Marcos and his mother. You are correct…we have so much and we still tend to have hard days as moms but nowhere near in those conditions. What an amazing spirit she must have. Thank you for sharing this tonight. Only on day two, girl and you are already inspiring and making a difference. :)Mel

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  238. I would love to read your blog again, I miss it! Of course I understand why you had to take it down. I started my blog for my family to see what I am doing (we live 400 miles apart)after reading your blog and realising that I was reading about your life on the other side of the world! Hopefully I will see you at the London Glaminar love Sally x

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  267. I hadn't read 'The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012'- thanks for pointing this out. For me, this blog is preaching to the choir… in a few years, these kids will be our judges, politicians, cops, prosecutors, and teachers. Since their rights have been ignored, they'll continue this trend by ignoring ours.

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  293. first of all…im not trying to attack you, but what diseases does weed cure? im prettysure it just eases your pain, doesnt cure anything, and second of all, if you’re so paranoid about “amerikkka” maybe you should leave? go to a better country or something then, it’ll make you happier because you wont be so worried about the “government having you live like lab rats”

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