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  1. Hey Layla wow what a sense of creative photography… you are a passion geek of IBM… (Sorry no offence) Good luck and keep it up…hereafter i’ll also look for any IBM PoS’s for you, if i find any off your list, will let you know…! — Thanks for IBM and yahoonews to find me a true creative mind…!

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  4. FrichieJanuary 18, 2006 at 2:40 pmI just want to see Walcott for January. We have 2 new additions, that can spend the second half of the season getting used to playing in the EPL…To be honest, unless we get someone like Torres or Kompany (or some big signing) we wont be buying to much in the summer, unless we lose players. I’m sure many players will want to join Arsenal next season because of the great stadium (or the fact that we won the CL (hey we can always dream)), but those players would have to be VERY special to be able to walk into the team.

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  6. Hello! I came across your blog via Five Minute Friday and so enjoyed this post. I’ve been there! Even though we may not all currently have a porcupine in our lives, they are guaranteed to pop in eventually at some point. A great reminder from the Word. I look forward to stopping by again. Blessings!

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  9. Leuke aanvulling Dorina en ik denk dat je iets heel belangrijks te pakken hebt daar. Dat is wat ik ook bedoelde met interactief, maar jij beschrijft het beter denk ik…als we jongeren er echt bij betrekken en hen het gevoel geven onmisbaar te zijn, ik denk dat dat heel veel verschil kan maken!

  10. Go Vix – I despair at Gok's latest series. Cheap doesn't not need to mean disposable! I have been getting my (black) workwear at charity shops – today I wore a black t shirt dress (£1) and a black chunky knit cardie for £2 both from my local charity shop. Cheered up with a pink turban/ headband knitted by myself

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  13. I don’t get it. We should encourage renewable energy sources to help save the environment. Coal and oil are bad for the environment, and we need to save the Earth. Why do conservatives fearmonger about other countries wanting renewable energy?

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  15. Sort of. I haven’t watched it but he did say something that sounded an awful lot like attempted damage control by trying to steer a recent interview away from talking about the attack on the flotilla. But I don’t believe he’s withdrawn his condemnation of the attack.

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  20. I expect you all know but it might be of interest to some to hear that; as you may know Pir is the Indian name for a top Sheikh of a line of sufis therefore it is thought that our dear friend William may well have been a sufi .. Shakespeare being the old English spelling for Sheikh’s Pir .. or Pir of the Sheikhs.

  21. Well, if I were a space alien I suspect I’d be even less confident of my ability to explain human motivation than I am now. But it seems to me that the American space program was largely a reaction to the Soviet space program, at least up until the moon landing. This would suggest to me that the American motivation was similar to the Soviet motivation, whatever that was.

  22. anonym 4:30 PM, Det ar miljon dollar fragan. Vad driver politikerna att vilja importera hundratusentals bidrags beroende muslimer, och vad driver deras vanster extremistiska supporters som argumentarar emot invandrar stopp? Det djupare motivet finns det ingen som uttryckt, det finns ingen journalist som stallt den fragan till en politiker, ingen har nagonsin sagt varfor. Ingen har nagonsin kunnat motivera sej. Vad tror FS?

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  24. Did Seal team 6 actually perish? Does it, or has it, even existed? This administration has been playing a shell game with us from the very beginning. It is egregious behavior to play these kinds of games with the public. It only serves to show the total lack of regard for the taxpayer by this entire administration. I seem to recall something called the “Tonkin Gulf Incident”.

  25. You should check out the DS game "Drawn to Life". You draw the main character (and can change it later if you want), draw the weapons and even the platforms that you jump on. I had a lot of fun making absurd things, like a taco gun that shot beans.

  26. Awesome, but over-done only slightly. I think it could have ended around “The bodies of Olaf Schneider, his ten-year-old daughter, and his former lover Greta Winckelmann were never recovered” if not a bit earlier, because the whole curse thing kind of ruined the end for me. Otherwise, will definately eat again.VA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 0 votes)

  27. Isn’t it just a fabulous cover? I love it… Hope you clicked through to Amazon from the review, I need my 1p commission 🙂 No seriously, Mazzy (aka Pauline) will be delighted with your blog, she writes fabulous reviews, sometimes I think some of the reviews are works of literature themselves. Interesting about writing about food, a friend of mine today asked if I wanted to join in her new food flash fiction website. Sounds perfect to me, my two loves!

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  33. What a wonderful, rousing post! I saw Rylance in Richard the Second at the Globe. He is, indeed, spellbinding, and, I think, one of our greatest actors. I hear the sound of giants' boots tramping through your blog, and was reminded of reading Robert Graves' "The White Goddess" – Graves, the naughty enchanter, creates a mythological history of Wales, and summons giants, like Bendigeidfran, the crow god Bran, who stands over Wales like one of our mountains, bellowing into the wind. Lovely stuff.

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  44. Stef made me laugh! Very cute.Like good friends, one hopes that good blogs will be around forever. Geez, I feel so bad now if I one of the “bug-ees”. During the “Death of PA#1″ I thought about how much I liked Laurie Anderson’s Big Science (1982) which I haven’t remembered in over 20 yrs. Something in this sequence triggered that thought.That “exquisite corpse” thing if very interesting and I can’t believe I actually got to participate in performance art. Ha-ha! Wow. If my friends could see me now. It was so much fun. (Was it supposed to be fun? Why do I feel clueless? No resonse needed.)

  45. This is what the current racist PM is doing in the name of pandering to the spivs. in the right wing ranks and the western suburbs of Sydney.It seems she is quite happy to ignore people she treats worse than criminals so long as she can whinge about sexism and the lazy racist parliament let her get away with it without a murmur.

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  48. Meu deus, o MRPP cagou mais de 5 linhas sem ter culpado os judeus de nada. Aliás, a boca da especulação da Bolsa é para os judeus? Ou será que os judeus deitaram abaixo o governo no egito para fazerem mais uma fronteira com árabes hostis?!

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  50. PS: My husband made these too comments when he learned the news:1. Well, the State Fair has turned into Burning Man.2. He died as he lived, with people standing in front of him, taking pictures. Only saw him once myself, as I didn't grow up here…but I'm sure he'll be missed by many.

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  52. Aug06Lawrence C Jeremy — you are one good man. You have stated a tough situation very clearly. Many states — especially California — have rigged their districts for complete ONE party control. It assures all California Votes go to a Democrat; it makes control of all our votes so very simple by those of Evil Intent. God bless you as you continue to stand for good. LWC

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  54. Sagunto – I agree about Mill. On the one hand he writes supporting utilitarian thinking and on the other states the pursuit of happiness is the only goal a person can have. "How can one plan a society without necessarily imposing one view upon everyone else?" which is one of his paraphrased quotes yet he indulges the greatest good for the greatest number and is routinely referenced by progressives for utilitarian excuses to weild power.

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  57. Egad! I had an Old English Sheepdog that I did show in the CKC circuit (or circus, if you prefer) – I thought the groomers there were fanatical! Oy!Congrats on your iPad! I don't think I could own one because I need that "tick-tick" sound of a keyboard when I type (or is that a sound option??)

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  61. You might have a point Tony!Of course the weight penalty is the delta between what I have now versus the dropper post, which would be around 260g (or just over half a lb) using Thomson’s own figures, assuming I used the remote. Only 160g without.Since I’ve knocked off at least three pounds off the bike since 2007 (new wheels and non-UST tyres, switched the Pike for a Rev) it’s probably a moot point.But I still only have a 27.2mm seat tube! So am precluded from ‘premium’ dropper posts…

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  64. JonH,The quote is from .Jason,By ‘strong public option’, I mean (and most others who use the phrase) that it is available to everyone. Right now, the public option, if it makes it, would only be available to a very limited number of people (probably 3-4 million). That’s not a good competitive system at all.

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  66. Oh KC Margaritas… I miss you. I can’t wait to see pictures of Jack’s halloween pictures this year! It will be weird not to have our Baker trick or treating run… we are just going to have to make it a weekend early or something “tuna spagetti” has been a childhood fav of Kelly’s.. and it actually is really really good! That brushetta looked awesome! I will definitely be trying that!

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  316. You were one of the first China expats I followed on twitter way back before twitter was cool, and it’s great to see you finish your China years on a sweet note, with little fanfare or drama. Life moves on, people move on. Shame we never met during my three years in Asia, though. Best of luck in California!

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