Willie Nelson Painting by Mickenzie Smith

Willie Nelson Painting

Album Art for Roots of a Rebellion

“Like a roller coster, I coast” Here’s my sketches, art work and finished product for A Brother’s Instinct, the new album from Nashville band Roots of a Rebellion.

Merle Haggard Charcoal drawing

Merle Haggard Drawing Speed Video

In October 2015 I was commissioned to do a charcoal of Merle Haggard. I chose this headshot  because of its high contrast and the depth in his eyes.  

Überphonics Album Art

Sketchbook Entry

Bob Marley Art

Bob Marley Charcoal Drawing

February Art Crawl Time-Lapse

Elephant Walk Painting

November Sketchbook

How to Space Painting

How to Space Paintings

How to Space Painting