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  6. I think Im at that awkward phase where I’m not too sure if I’m in a relationship with the mall…..I mean things used to be pretty serious between us but it’s no longer the “foot popping” romance that I now have with thrift….yup I threw in a princess diaries reference

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  8. Hi Katie. I’m glad to hear it. I think blogs are best when they are heart-felt. Write when you are moved to write. Write about the subjects that are moving you. I watched another favoured blog wither and die after its author started trying to follow the “rules” to successful blogging. I don’t know what she’s doing now – she may be happier – but it was a shame because she had attracted a loyal following by being herself. I have no following, so you probably shouldn’t listen to me! LOL

  9. It does pass… Eventually. It’s actually a natural defense mechanism. Around the time when children start walking/exploring, they develop a picky taste palette that used to help protect them a thousand years ago from eating things that would be poisonous to them. It actually makes sense when you think of it that way, but I feel ya that it’s still frustrating when you’re trying to get some veggies or variety in their little systems! It gets better though, I promise! Maybe not until age 3-4… Maybe sooner!

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  23. Well I am going to say it took Gordon long enough to figure out what was going on. Sorry but I hate when the guy sims cry…I want to smack them myself! And he slapped a pregnant sim! Bad Gordon!!!This legacy absolutely cracks me up and I can tell you are having fun with it.

  24. Bill Sparkman committed suicide, he was deceiving the public and being a fraud… Hope the so called money from the government is going to proper places, but isn’t it supposed to be for the community as well? So why do we have to pay for ambulances and why do police officers abuse their authority.

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