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  1. I always knew we would stumble upon other dimensions and eventually find new laws that break the others. After all science can never be proven, it can only be unproven..which means that you can always disprove a theory or a law.

  2. Obama's election represented the end of America as a project of the European diaspora. Electing Romney isn't going to reverse that or even slow it down. He's one of them. The GOP convention was a pathetic capitulation to the liberal mindset. In fact, if I were a liberal I'd vote for Romney. Obama's too obvious.

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  5. Mr. Donald-Of course, Germany could have sulkingly offered exactly the same excuse following D-Day. But we’ll let that, and your apparent ignorance of the Selective Service Act, go by.In general -One has to marvel at whatever paradisiacal fundamental assumptions concerning the concept of time underpin this constant idiot bickering over the politics of the sixties and seventies. On the bright side, it’s slightly less dumb than graffiti claiming that ‘Aragon is not Spain’ painted on walls in Zaragoza. They would be commentaries on a marriage that tookplace in 1469. A mere difference of degree.

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  7. Echoing Dorian’s comment here. I’ve transcribed meetings and phone conversatons before but the interviews are very different from general legal transcription, and the interviews I’ve been doing vary enormously in terms of how easy they are to understand, but that’s a bit like one fee earner being much clearer than another.

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  9. Thanks again Shay for your kind comments, the girls do a great job on the CFD site. We are lucky to have them both. Thanks for the posts, we know you appreciate it… Keep it up Shay, wish we had more as dedicated as you! That’s why we love our jobs as trainers so much….. We love watcing you all grow physically and mentally!

  10. Not even Babe Ruth on Steroids could hit a ball as high as we are sitting. They are nose bleed…but the “stupendous” is true also, as you can see lake michigan, sailboats, the red line train pulling into addison station, the rooftops, quite panoramic…and there are no posts or obstructions for any part of the playing surface.

  11. "The High School is only 238,000 sq.ft. That puts the square foot construction costs at over double that of building a hospital in NYC."Nothing but the very best for our little Mexican cousins! Always remember, they are going to be paying your Social Security.

  12. The masco you looked at is an amplifier. Does your model have any imput jacks for a microphone?There might be some threaded looking things on the side maybe? If you send me some picture I will see if I can help.Thank you,Duaneemail to I just got a masco MA-25P today and there are 3 mic inputs on the side. I will be trying it out soon.

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  19. and conquered it you have! that look might def cause some distraction in the library…love the knee socks!and I love black vests…I have a thrifted black one that I found at Value Villiage…and I swear I can;t find another I like half as much..wanna send me yours Isabel?! 😛

  20. Great MacArthur quote, and more great reasoning. I’ve definitely determined not to use profanity/vulgarity in my writing. I can’t say it’ll always be perfect and completely non-offensive as far as subject matter, but I try to have my content reflect issues that are addressed in the Bible or have Christian value. Great series, Adam!

  21. These are the most creative kid’s room ideas I’ve ever seen! I wish I could incorporate every last one of them! I wonder if the chalkboard wall idea would work in one of the large wainscoting squares? Hmmmm… I’m definitely going to do the Sweet Dreams around my son’s chandelier. In a navy blue probably to coordinate with his nautical theme… so I’ll probably need to go ahead and spray paint the black chandelier navy. Thank you so much my wheels are now officially turning.

  22. oui ça aussi ça troue le BIIIP quand on y pense!@Astrid:Mais ma pauvre, toi tu comptes double en ce moment!! C'est 1,6 kg pour toi…@Anonyme:c'est pour faire style on est raisonnables. Mais tout ceci n'est qu'une fiction, bien sûr. @Darby Shaw: Mouarf! Et après, c'est nous qui sommes compliquées, et on dit que "souvent femme varie"??? Alors que finalement, ça a l'air très très basique les femmes 😀

  23. Marek Numerato napsal:“A jak vymyslíme, které území to bude?” NepochybnÄ› musí jít o území, které bude ve vlastnictví “secesistů”, nebo o území, které se podaří novÄ› osídlit.“Je tu taky otázka případných obchodních blokád.” Toho bych se vůbec nebál. Je samozÅ™ejmostí, že by takové území bylo daňovým rájem, což je naopak nesporná konkurenční výhoda. Možná by Å¡lo o blokády ze strany států, ale těžko ze strany soukromých investorů a obchodních partnerů.

  24. Thanks Mary and Brigid for your comments – FYI if you want to win the copy of the book I will need your email address. You may not want to post it here, but I'll have to be able to determine who is who in order to request your email (in other words, posting anonymously isn't going to win you a book!)LB

  25. Thanks to you I now know about the steel penny. Continues to be an engaging story, leaving us wanting more. Love how you have Meghan react to the boy’s death. Although she tries to be stoic, who wouldn’t be emotional over thoughts like that? The tears were realistic and touching.

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  27. Det er bra den lille damen har sterke meninger! 🙂 Men hÃ¥per for din del at streiken blir kortvarig. Jeg vil gjerne være med i trekning. Ønsker deg en fin adventstid – og tenker med nostalgi tilbake til det Ã¥ret vi laget kalender til hverandre! Tenk at jeg fikk en av FruFlys første kreasjoner!!! Klem, Kristine

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  29. le Canada? ma soeur cadette y vit, j’étais supposé y aller avec ma fille aînée pour crapahuter avec elle cet été mais le programme des réjouissances m’a barbé grave et on a convenu de se retrouver en terrain neutre (Dubaï et Abu Dabi). c’était avant la putain de guerre!!!!!!!!Afrique du Sud? tu veux rire? c’est un vrai continent en concentré, tu as tout là-bas, des alpes au Sahara, et j’exagère à peine. safari, route des vins, le cap, et retour chez toi. trop super.

  30. heia, her er vi… folka fra oslo som ikke er det minste fnugg fotballinteresserte… vi er fem i denne familin som er fotballamøber, dvs vi kan være med og feire, er gode pÃ¥ det, men ikke gode pÃ¥ sÃ¥ mye mer vedrøredne fotball… men jeg holder med Rosenborg jeg da, æ e jo trøjnder æ da sjø, inni skapet mitt… e stillinga bra no da? fÃ¥r ronsenbÃ¥rg??

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  32. I am constantly looking up details, after getting a vague ‘hint’ of something intriguing from “Frenchless in France”… I’d love to see far more content, and response to comments. The photos are nice, but,from a tour guide/blogger, I am forever hoping for more detail. Please?

  33. I ahve also noticed that Firefox does not rad the ALT attribute of images, but it will read the images if you have the title attribute in there. This is also good for accessibility. BUT, do you want to have the same text in both on the same image? Or would you get penalized for repetitive text?

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  35. The "good with the not so good."? Marriage is "for better or worse." What that means is the spouse may get better or worse, not if the economy gets worse. The spouse is already "worsest." That isn't marriage, it's spiritual, emotional and financial suicide. Sutekh "Louis may die, or I may die, or the horse may die, or the horse may talk."Punch line to a joke told to Henry VIII by Lady Jane.

  36. Great list! Sometimes I wish I could that type of person who can see a movie once and remember it clearly. And it can even be a favorite they recall easily. But I can’t, when I love a movie I have to devour it. I’m nearly austistic in my movie watching, watching it over and over. Until I’m sick of it and let it rest for a while until the obsession comes back.

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  38. Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The text in your article seem to be running off the screen in Safari. I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with internet browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to let you know. The layout look great though! Hope you get the issue fixed soon. Cheers

  39. I use the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer that’s been recommended on here. With every juice I’ve made with it, there is a thick head of foam on top of the actual juice, sometimes 2 to 3 times the amount of juice that comes out initially. If I let it sit, most of it eventually settles into juice, but I was curious if anyone else noticed this issue and has found a way to avoid it.

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  48. I would like to graph this data so that ounces are on one axis and the number of times each occurs on the other. Essentially I want to be able to say I had 3 potatoes that weighed 2 oz, 3 more that weighed 4.2 ounces, etc. I have tried to graph it like this but I just get every weight plotted separately, which is fine because I just use a trend line but I would like to make a bell curve.

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  68. Me and zach had not talked in a while but we used to be the best of friends at the beginning of the year and he was one of my first friends here in seventh grade i am going to miss him deeply and so will my mom. i’m sorry about zach but now he is in a better place

  69. Love your show, I enjoy the podcasts more, because I couldn’t listen to the show live, now I don’t have to miss anything. Will you have guests that you interview too? I love hearing you two (glad Jennifer is back), but I also enjoy all the guests you have on the show. Will Fr. Leo visit often? thanks again and good luck.

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