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  6. As I'm finishing a book, a compilation of poetry, I'm at the format-online-ready-to-jump-overboard stage. It was so refreshing and relieving to read your blog this morning. Thank you. I've found this year, that working on our own schedules can be just as if not more exhausting than working on an institutional one. Perfect ideas at this point of the year.

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  8. I was never offered a formula gift bag at any of my doctor visits. I made very clear no matter the circumstance (baby having allergies, & acid reflux) I, no WE would get through it. It breaks my heart so many women are uninformed about breastfeeding, and how many pediatricians push formula on a mother who is trying to give her baby the BEST source of nutrition. Instead of giving out formula bags, they need to give pamphlets out including the websites that empower Mama’s and give them a “go-to place” when they’re feeling discouraged!

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  10. I am not a proponent of socialized medicine–simply stating that you can’t have it both ways. This bill has actually increased the cost on the American people–insurance rates have skyrocketed…there is simply no free-lunch–those who do not have money for insurance are either going to have to pay it–or lose their jobs because the ‘rich’ had to pay for them, and had to downsize in order to afford it.

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  13. Mr. Woods,My heart breaks for you and your family. Ty was an exceptional hero. The bas—-s in Washington cannot be allowed to get aay with refusing to help. what horrible feelings Ty must have had kowing that no one would help.

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  15. On Conan: Great review as always. I doibn’t blame you for passing on the double dose of Conan. I like the second movie and I have my limits on it!By any chance did you listen to the audio commentary on the CtheB DVD? It’s an interesting mix of Milius taking things way too seriously (he can read deep meaning in even the most insignificant of things, truly a man with too much time on his hands) and The Governator throwing in the occasional comment. Quite a fun track, if not always for the right reasons.

  16. I was always a saver- as a kid I’d eat the watery veg and the instant mashed potatoes first, and save the meat for last. (It had more taste.) Now that I’ve been eating my own cooking for many years, I’ve changed. I like everything I make, even Brussels sprouts, so I can eat like a grown-up. Even now, though, I hate to run out of anything, because that limits the possibilities.

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  32. Well, I’m sure in the next half century the term, Webcomic, might become redundant. But besides that, the spirit of webcomics, the freedom to create and publish your work for everyone to see without any bottlenecks, should hold strong for generations to come. It better had! It’s just too good for many people to pass up.

  33. Beautiful…just beautiful. Fix You is my song to LoRenzo! I have given up the expectations of what years should bring what milestones,we’re moving forward and that’s what really matters. He just turned 6 and is completely potty trained, think I care about how long it took? HELL NO!!! I’m ecstatic he got there! I’m doing this alone (too much for his father) but Hope springs eternal in this house. Hope for him and me. I’m so proud of you and I don’t even know you!

  34. Mr. Smith:For a bureaucracy, 128 pages is a brief. And they could have gone on in even greater detail as far as I’m concerned.Good for Germany.Meanwhile, how about this?.It makes you wonder how far down this dhimmi path the UK is willing to go. At least Germany has drawn a line in the sand…

  35. I am so tired of hearing about the ownership. Like Nate, I could care less about who the owners are as long as the best interests of the club are being met. I don’t get up at 5:45 in the morning to watch board room negotiations or press conferences, I watch the players and club that I love. It saddens me to see that 3/4 of the articles in most Liverpool-related sites are related to business. The only business I’m interested in is securing fourth place in league and advancing in the CL. Come on you Reds, let’s get another 3 tomorrow, head to Italy on a run of fine form.YNWA

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  37. It is so unfortunate that all is millionaires won’t donate a substantial enough amount of money so that Haiti can not only recover, but stabalize itself. I guess I’m not surprised though, this is a very selfish, greedy nation that won’t even provide and help the poor and homeless right here in the U.S. What a day it will be when these folks stand before their maker.

  38. Satisfait ce soir. Pour la suite, on verra, mais les choses devraient bouger en bien en France, même si on devra tous garder notre esprit critique. Pour ça, je fais confiance à Koz, ni supporter, ni militant, qui a contribué à éclaircir les enjeux et les débats pour un certain nombre d’internautes comme moi.Merci du fond du coeur.

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  40. I agree with Sara! Great yard! My little guy would have a blast playing there w/other little boys. We’ll bring food and make it a potluck, LOL! I hate to feed and water the dog, so that’s Lil’ Tiger’s job. The other reason we had kids, love, love, love the sound of their laughter.Tina Dee’s last blog post..

  41. Oh dear, am I becoming an introvert due to my grass grazing gaze?? I hope not, lol! Yes, it always saddens me to miss a shoe gem, but one can’t document everything, which is actually a good thing, otherwise I’d be posting multiple times a day! The hay hopping was fun, albeit a little frightening…especially when falling in between stacks. Which did hurt a bit! xo

  42. I just ran mine and and got something similar to what Eric mentions above. My firt name (Norman) is right at the very beginning (in what I think blogspot calls the ‘title bar’). But supposedly I’m a woman. Maybe the stupid thing just reads the first 5 letters of the blog!

  43. Holy mac. Your memory! How funny was that? I so remember that it was a cute, darkened place and I think I was wearing that tight black dress with the little flowers and I remember running off, gagging, toward the bathroom. Miss you. So good to see you last week. xox

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  46. Woo! Glad I could help you name the little guy 😀 and you better be careful, I have been planning to come up to Seattle, and it may happen this semester!I also love LOVE the bag, elephants are my favorite animal and I’m a sucker for messenger bags, it looks great!

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  51. Oh isn’t she a beautiful little girl!! Happy birthday little one! Why isn’t her mother called “Queen Lalla”? I thought if you married a King, you become a Queen? We had a royal family in Ireland years ago but that was long ago!

  52. It may have been answered in the long list of comments below, but… I’m not able to view the video either. Is this a friendly reminder for me to finally get vimeo plus? Thanks for all the insights and time you’ve spent on these tutorials etc.. Look forward to watching this one.

  53. I believe that the princess is every Barbaric and selfish. Maybe she does not tell the boy what door the tiger is in. So maybe what happens is he picks the door with the woman in it and is forced to marry the women right away. And the princess lives out her life with out him. That is what I think could happen but really we will never know.

  54. The five star rating system was nice, in that you could see how a video was rated before you clicked on it… saved a lot of time when browsing amateur musical videos, for example. Now that there's no rating on the search results page, we have no way of telling whether there might be a talented musician in the video, or if it's just some talky asshole with a Squire and a head cold.I'll probably be using Youtube a great deal less in light of the changes made… ah well.

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  58. I know of a marriage that was almost destroyed by a “friend”. Before witnessing this, I would have seen less danger in these relationships. The one thing that happened in that situation, the woman became friends with the husband & not the wife. A definite “NO-NO”, in my opinion. When someone becomes friends with someone of opposite sex, and either are married, they inevitably will begin to find qualities in their friend that is lacking in their spouse. Satans foothold.

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  74. I really appreciate the fact that you are talking of the sadness that surrounds the deformation of the cemetery. All of my paternal ancestors are buried there and my beloved grandfather was buried there only three years ago this week. When people post ignorant rumors and talk of some “Evil” it is very hurtful to the families that have laid their loved ones there to rest. It also encourages other ignorant people to come to the cemetery and vandalize . Thanks for being the only sensible person left in area.

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  214. I am with you on both points. Knowing who the historical characters are absolutely adds to the sense of nostalgia and mystique about Paris that Gil feels. A scene that stands out is when Gil was planting the plot of The Exterminating Angel in Luis Bunuel’s head. I got a good laugh out of that exchange but I was the only person in the theater who seemed to get the reference (or I was just the only person obnoxiously laughing out loud). I also plan on giving Midnight in Paris another look later in the year. Thanks for commenting!

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