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  1. Rainy days are my favorite – not walking in the rain kind of days but sitting on a porch, smelling it, hearing it!You are so right – how often do we suffer needlessly when we have the choice to change our circumstance – I love the vehicle you use – rain – to make your very real, very powerful point!!!So glad I was able to stop by – I’ve been recovering from surgery – and feeling so much better!

  2. Paula, Eu sempre copio passaporte e cartões e mando um e-mail para mim mesma. Assim fica fácil acessar de Qq computador e pedir socorro em caso de furto. Na ultima viagem para a Franca eu tirei fotos do passaporte e deixei o original no cofre do quarto do hotel. Todas as lojas aceitaram a foto para preencher o formulário de detaxe!

  3. Ma perchè per stare insieme è proprio necessario sposarsi?Ma poi sposandosi sarebbe più difficile separarsi.Le CPA sul modello inglese sono completamente libere perche lo scioglimento è molto rapido.Le CPA sono una cosa diversa sia dal matrimonio celebrato con il rito civile che da quello in chiesa.Poi la maggioranza delle coppie gay preferiscono un rapporto libero rispetto ad uno vincolante

  4. Today I am writing text to go with your crucifixion painting “Jesus Dies,” including references to Wojnarowicz. I found this powerful post in the process. I must say that the photo of Peter Hujar’s face at the bottom of this post really fits in with the somber mood as I contemplate “Jesus Dies.” The beautiful face of a gay martyr gone too soon.

  5. I am impressed, I have to say. Really rarely do I see a blog that is both educational and entertaining, and let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Your idea is outstanding; the issue is something that not enough people are talking intelligently about. I am very happy that I stumbled across this in my search for something relating to it.VA:F [1.6.5_908]please wait…VA:F [1.6.5_908](from 0 votes)

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  7. And, besides "working on a food security policy …for the past 2 years" exactly what has Layton done? Barring some comprehensive platform (and after 2 years there should be one) it sounds like a lot of lipflap to me. You'll get no argument from me about the BC IlLiberals or, as I like to call them, SoCreds.

  8. Thanks Becky for your thoughtful input. Your grandfather’s story is an interesting one and teachable. And you are right good hygiene and sensible protective measures take away so many other risk factors including unintended pregnancy. Removing foreskin is not the end-all to those issues and protection still needs to be there. And I’ll second the cigarette smell comment!

  9. Lo so bene che è un argomento più che delicato (mi ricordo una puntata di south park sul nonno di Stan che gli chiede di morire e le risposte che Stan riceve da tutti i “grandi” fino a rivolgersi Gesù).Tuttavia come nel caso di Eluana, difficile stabilire se quel sondino è terapia medica o no.Ma soprattutto se lei fosse stata cosciente avrebbe potuto opporsi?E’ accanimento?Qui la mia opinione è ovviamente per il sì.Comunque è un tema da politica seria.

  10. And the South Africans make it look so easy!While we Wait and WAIT, and our Anglican Betters (in the UK AND here, sadly) wring their hands, BOOM! The South Africans speak. Done.I'm really considering the probability of the "Episcopal-Laying-On-Of-Hands-As-SPINE-EXTRACTION" theory. Sigh.

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  12. cant wait for the beta to be tested . its been quite a long ride for you guys and for us . just wondering after the beta will you be adding any more features to the script depending on how the beta goes also how would you guys like an interview after the products release .

  13. Ola doutor,Fui na destista com intensao de colocar aparelho, mas como tenho alguns dentes estragados ela achou melhor extrair eles no lugar de arrumar, pois disse qe de qualqe jeito iria ter qe extrair pra colocar aparelho! mais e normal arancar dente sem fazer a pasta odontologica antes?

  14. Love your new digs. Are you going to be giving any classes in the Virginia, DC, Maryland area? Hope you are enjoying this busy area. Just did the Quilters Quest a few weeks ago. We were on a bus tour from Mt. Airey, MD and managed to visited all of the shops on the Quest.

  15. I posted your question last time I read about this and got a reply with two types of experiences. Don’t remember them now – but yes you’re right. It doesn’t apply to us in the same way. But 10 000 hours of experience in handling problems in a changing world is highly valuable training. About how to HANDLE and change with change.

  16. ciao, io credo di essere il più giovane ospite della casa, ho 4 anni e stare da mia zia è stato veramente bellissimo!! La sua casa mi piace e io l’ho esplorata proprio tutta. E’ colorata, allegra e soprattutto si respira un aria di amicizia e gioia…. e poi la mattina si mangia pane e NUTELLA!!! Spero di tornarci presto ..ma ricordate di togliervi le scarpe quando entrate!

  17. Barstools: Yes I did (though I slept with several other teachers years before). She was stabbed to death behind a WalMart dumpster in 2005.@Justin: Wouldn’t that be fun? You’d need a disguise as people would easily recognize you as the shark who cannot be beaten:)

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  20. is EXACTLY how I feel! I can't not finish a series! Like, there's this series I've been reading since 5th grade, and even though it's real childish now that I'm almost a Senior in high school, I HAD to finish it. Also, I don't think I've left a book unfinished. Even if I return it to the library because I wasn't getting into it, I'll check it out again next time I go to the library (: bexbooks.blogspot.com

  21. Non, ça n’a rien d’incompatible bien sur ! Cette théorie n’est pas concurrente avec celle de l’évolution, elle tente d’expliquer le vieillissement à l’intérieur de ce cadre. Ma question du début prêtait ptêt à confusion…Pas contre, il y a opposition entre soma jetable et pléiotropie antagoniste qui sont deux façons différentes d’interpréter les mécanismes de la sénescence. Dans un cas c’est un phénomène purement contingent, dans l’autre, c’est plus essentiel…Le lien que je donne vers l’observatoire de la génétique explique ça très bien.

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  23. "Companies such as Wal-Mart have used the difference in pricing as part of their business model. They have built massive stores in the rural areas and draw the customers to them. Some of those customers drive for an hour or more to buy the products that the big retailers can provide at costs that the small rural stores cannot match."================================The same thing would happen if you put up a massive employment center, too, wouldn't it?

  24. The hurricane has caused me to think a bit about things I should store in case of emergencies like these. If we lost power for more than a couple of days, we would lose a huge chunk of our food because I store a lot of things in our chest freezer. Fortunately we do have some charcoal so that I could cook some meat on the community grill if needed. However, I don’t currently have a lot of disposable diapers on hand since we only use disposables at night. I should probably keep at least one extra package per child just in case.

  25. Abby, I just got home from yet another 40DFL meeting and saw this. THANKS! I needed to see this–that all the exhaustion, stress, self-doubt, etc. is worth it! It’s not about us–it’s about being Christ, being that “light” to and for others. My husband and daughters were at that meeting, and I often think that I’m depriving them of me by all the pro-life work I’m doing. Then a friend reminded me that they are learning by example. The self-sacrificing–yep! That will teach them a LOT in life! Thanks for the reminder! I really, really needed it!

  26. the Hurva synangogue!!!!!! I didn't think of that. It is the key argument pointing to the hypocrisy. It won't convince someone who doesn't want to be convinced, but it will convince many who are on the cusp of this issue. Many people like myself… who might come across as Right wingers are actually critical and we do actually have second thoughts.

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  28. Communication is so important, especially if you are in a supervisory role. Never assume that your coworkers know what it is you want down to the detail; make sure they have a clear picture of what the desired outcome is to be. This, of course, is contingent upon all parties having discipline, and willing to follow orders, but not at expense risk of safety. One exception I have found; stage hands tend to be somewhat gruff and vulgar. Often they will not respect a supervisor if they are not equally vulgar. Time for that to change!

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  30. I remember seeing Tiger on Oprah around 10 years or so when he was starting out. Oprah thought he should hook up with Tyra Banks, who was a Sports Illustrated swimsuite model at the time and not the TV buffoon she became. That would have been interesting. Oprah must love Tiger's dating preferences."sampled the greatness" – Is that what they're calling it these days? That's excellent. I'm going to get that tattooed.

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  32. I saw this movies last night. I have heard these things before in a Christian content.The question is what are we to do about it? I suggest you trust in a Higher Power other than yourself, grow your own food and get use to eatting simple now because that is all your going to get in the future. Remember GOD IS LOVE.

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  34. I don’t know from W.A.S.P., not really. I’ve heard songs but never an album. But I love the means tester. Somewhere between hard and firm ain’t too bad, my man! 😉 And you’ve gotta admit, given all the leather those guys wore, it’s a helluva lot better than a scratch ‘n sniff patch.

  35. I was looking over some very old journals of mine, yesterday. I found myself recalling the familiar phrase: “I wish I’d have known then what I know now.” I am glad we grow as we walk miles together on this winding road of change. From then to now, my priorities have really rearranged. I love your honesty.

  36. quand on vote pour une equipe de farfelus , il faut assumer son choix et prendre sur soi … la vrai reponse a apporter a ces guignoles , c’est le moi de mai 2012 , vous pourrez vous ratrapper en leurs mettant une branlee historique … meme les ministres et elus ump se sentent legitime a devenir fachisants pour seduire les fachos qui votent lepen … c’est vous dire ou on en arrive …. je n’ai jamais fais confiance aux diverses droite conservatrices et ultra liberales , l’actualite me donne raison , voila ma satisfaction helas

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  40. I understand why we’re not ranked. As you pointed out, we beat two Top 25 teams in the past four games, but c’mon The Steve… we’re in the weakest SEC conference that’s been around in a long time. Which completely explains why Tennessee is ranked 4th. It just goes to sho…wait, that explains nothing.Nevermind.

  41. it is too scary.I have another four year old (six weeks younger than the first) whom you can strip nakie all day and she will pee and poop all over herself and the floor and not blink an eyelash. As an older mom, I am not concerned…nor do I enjoy cleaning it up SOOOOOO I wait. LOLPraying for your sweet girl.

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  46. I’m impressed, I have to admit. In fact rarely will i encounter a weblog that’s both educative and entertaining, and without a doubt, you can have hit the nail about the head. Your notion is outstanding; the difficulty is an concern that not enough men and women are speaking intelligently about. I’m happy that we stumbled across this at my search for some thing relating to this.

  47. My only wish is that Hollywood not be used as the model for anything. I find Avatar as bad propaganda as any “fourth generation” director could make (and less entertaining).Also in the kitsch category, Bertolucci’s “The Last Emperor” – an Italian film that twisted history through every scene.

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  49. thing happened to me. My face looked like I had a tennis ball inside my cheek. It was my tooth. I don’t like all the name-calling either. He doesn’t seem like a freak to me…or super overweight. so quick to judge….

  50. Lieve Ivania. Ik ben zo blij met jou! De teksten die je schrijft, maar ook de interviews die je doet zijn heel erg fijn. Je laat mensen uitpraten en zorgt voor een interessant gesprek! Het is duidelijk te zien dat je een journalistieke opleiding doet. Ik hoop dat je ooit editor bent voor een mooi tijdschrift als Self Service of Gentlewoman of iets dergelijks, want ik wil graag mooie lange interviews van jou hand lezen! En je blog is ook fantastisch. Een van m'n favorieten!Groetjes!

  51. But you fou get the west memphis 3 was white and so was their SUPPOSE 2 be vict. They also sign an agreement with the courts that they would not sue them for their wrongful conviction if they was set free so now who is the blame or should still trial for killing thoses 3 little boys? WHO? they don’t know. So do the families get any closure no they don’t. This is a crazy world

  52. Hi, I think your blog might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your blog in Ie, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, amazing blog!

  53. Se fosse stato un uomo coerente col suo pensiero avrebbe dovutogettar la porpora e gli onori di cardinale che gli derivavano da una istituzione “indietro di 200 anni” della quale aveva così poca stima.. ma si sa è più facile sparar sentenze che vivere coerentemente!

  54. By keshon, August 4, 2009 at 8:11 amI hate to admit it but a good 9o% of what you post is pretty true, thas pretty accurate id say, you’re pretty insiteful.. seems like you’ve been thru a lot also cus you say a lot of evil things but hey thas life, we all have that side.. I fkk with your blog tho, when I get mine up nd runN you should chekk me out..ps- kudos to your cheating 1o1 post (I’m a guy that cnt succeed at cheating) minus your last tip, lol..

  55. par Cadre Avril 11, 2007 ÉditerJe ne comprends pas si vous êtes américain ou non. Les noms sont italiens mais le site est l’anglais. Vous vivez à New York? Comment le Bronx? Au revoir

  56. I suppose that the remains of the gatehouse must have provided some structural support for the mill tower – ironically, they do say that the gatehouse itself has only been preserved so well because of the presence of the mill. Sadly, back in the 18th and 19th centuries there was no real sense of heritage – it was a pile of old ruins which were adapted and used for the needs of the time.

  57. MOSilva disse:Olá Nunão!Sim, eu entendi que a foto era somente ilustrativa. Mas não resisti a fazer um comentário (um pouco) sarcástico. É que como o nosso governo está com a “mão (bastante) fechada” para os gastos com as FFAA, imaginei (por brincadeira, óbvio) que agora a compra seria de equipamentos de treinamento/manejo. E que as FFAA “se virassem” com esta “generosa compra”…Vendo a foto, não resisti a piada.Sds.

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  59. lib, I have heard from political insiders the deal with Booker is he thinks and talks and delegates very important things to people who for all practical purposes are incompetent. The guy has some good ideas but has not been able to execute on anything. As a governor it wouldn’t end well, but as a legislator he could work and Lautenberg is so old it is time for him to go. Sharpe was pretty sleezy but he got it done at least sometimes.

  60. , I was still emotionally exhausted when I got home. I crawled into bed and fell asleep at 7:30. There is not a single teacher that hasn't run through that exact scenario a hundred times since Friday. God bless all of our children and God bless the adults who protect them at teachers, day care providers, coaches, etc.

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  64. Bryan, there’s a closed-door meeting going on down the hall right now that might restructure the IA department. Don’t tell.EV, my cousin’s daughter asked me to play Madame Trelawney at her Hogwarts-themed birthday party this fall. And Rob’s Snape. Oh yeah.

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  148. Please, let’s not address “Ben” anymore – I handled “Ben”. He’s taken up enough space as it is. He left another comment under another name in the Machiavelli post, so I imagine he’s being mischievous and it bores me. So let’s move on and talk about psychopaths!Besides, I adore “culturally alienating” people. I live for it!!

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  155. Hehe, it IS cute, isn’t it?! To a point, it’s kind of hard for him to avoid learning about that foodie stuff (since I blabber about it day in and day out), but he deserves the lion’s share of the credit for being a good listener and a knowledge sponge :]That’s funny about your bf…so the clam chowder was his gateway drug back to carnivory? Hehe.Sweaty bodies and prickly bushes—HAHAHA! Ok, you made me LOL with that one, and I am not typically a LOLer

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  159. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and God Bless every one of you and your families and everyone you love. Thank you one and all for everything you’re doing to help restore our beautiful country. You are all in my prayers always. A special thanks to you CW. I don’t know what I’d do without you.

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  165. 107 – Stu – As silly as it sounds, my brother is in that position – he only owes $80,000 on a $450,000 place (It used to be worth $650,000.) HE RENTED IT OUT in 2006 when he moved to OR. He will have to do something. A lady I teach with owns one place outright and rents it – bought a new place. She wants the profit to pay down her current loan on the new place so she can then refinance. Yes, these people should have sold in 2006 but were stubborn – Now they will settle for less – for sure.But – isn’t it true that they will get stuck after the 5 years if theycan no longer claim it as a primary residence?

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  184. I had the same reaction, and I grew up with no religious education of any sort until I found Friends two years ago. I was so pleased with the lecture, and amused that I had to go from Portland, OR to Boston, MA to meet the dynamic pastor from Salem, OR!

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