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Elephant Walk Painting

Halloween Painting by Mickenzie Smith

Halloween Painting

In October i was commissioned by the lovely “Claire”, who didn’t want Halloween to end. She told me, “i want a painting that is everything Halloween, and you just do your thing”.…

Johnny Cash Commission

Johnny Cash Painting I was so honored to be commissioned to do a painting for the Nashville Broken Bow office. Here are some shots of the process. The painting is since done…

November Sketchbook

How to Space Painting

How to Space Paintings

How to Space Painting

How To Paint a Watercolor Peony

How To Paint a Watercolor Peony

How To Paint a Watercolor Peony – Simple flower painting tutorial with lots of pictures! I’m using watercolors and watercolor paper for this tutorial. You could however, apply this technique…

Blood Moon Painting

12″x12″ Acrylic Blood Moon. My baby gift to my new cousin, River, born within this special year of 4 blood moons.

Sketchbook Diary